Perk Loyalty FAQ’s

How are rewards earned? 

Rewards are sent automatically and randomly.


What happened to the perks card? 

We are no longer using the physical perk cards and are now using a phone number to track loyalty. 


How do I get/ redeem my perks?

All perks will be sent via email to the email associated with the loyalty account


How are rewards distributed? 

All rewards are distributed via email. This included any personalized rewards, the birthday meal coupon and any coupons that are sent out to all loyalty members.  (Nothing will be preloaded onto your account) 


How will I be notified about my birthday meal? 

Each person’s birthday email will have a coupon and unique expiration date and will be sent out 7 days proper to the date of birth


What if I visited and didn’t get a survey?

Surveys are not sent every visit, if you came in and did not receive an email survey it doesn’t mean your visit wasn’t accounted for. 


How are visits tracked? 

If you add yourself to the waitlist online or in store, or if you give your server your phone number your visit gets tracked.


Is this a points-based system?

No, our loyalty is not a visit or points-based system


How can I check my visits?

Loyalty visits are shown on our waitlist tablet, feel free to ask your host upon check in. 

  • If you want to check visit history and are not at a location, please email and someone will be in touch.